Twilight (18/2/2013)

When dusk arrives
And darkness comes to play
Open your eyes again
For there’s no night and no day
Winter’s spell is broken
Where moonlight leads me to you
Meet me after dark
For the Golden Twilight brought me to you
When the eventide skies
Divides into two
Moments to nightfall
You’re in the sapphire blue
My memories are in shards
But there you are, darkling
In this gloaming rapture
I’m no longer grieving


The Diels-Alder Reaction, or Thoughts on EXO-M

I know
It’s just a covalent bond
Or it’s just my own valency
But how can you say
That it’s neutral?
It’s an unknown miracle
Sweet addition reaction
When four parts 1,3-diene
And two parts of an alkene
Two worlds apart
Are initiated by heat
To form a six-membered ring:
An exo substituent
Who’d ever thought of a reaction
So remarkable?
Forming a bridge
Between two components
Between two worlds
Dissolving the barrier
Of differences
To never forget
That we are one.

A.N: I realised that getting into K-Pop is like falling into a rabbit hole from where is no escape. But then it happened. XD XOXO

With all due respects,
Lay Landsteiner

Farther Away

Farther Away by Lay Landsteiner, then 14

I wanted you to know
That beneath the skies
Beneath the stars
Someone hears you

I wanted you to know
Somewhere beneath the moon
Farther away
A hand will hold you

I wanted you to know
That in the gloominess
Of evening rain
A song will play for you

I wanted you to know
That in the darkness
Of midnight
A heart is there for you

I wanted you to know
That though you’re alone
The winds will whisper
Their beautiful stories to you

In each drop of rain
There’s a tale
And there’s the wind
To dry your eyes

If you can’t sleep
The crickets will sing
A lullaby

Don’t feel lonely
Somewhere out there
Farther away
Someone loves you

An Ode to the Moon


Crafted not to emit light
But to reflect it
Her name embodies the darkness And what lies underneath
The veil of nightfall
Her pale blue glow resonates
Casting shadows upon life after her
But blood red in her eclipse
She wasn’t as perfect as idealised by poets
Her visage was flawed by her weakness
Across her pallid form was a long, deep crack
Showing that she was once pulled apart
But she’s all what’s left of the Sun
The reflected shine after twilight
Be the vessel of my dreams
So I can sail my wishes to the other side
To my lost beloved:
My glowing sun was somewhere out there
Far, far away
In the absence of sunshine
On moonlight shall I feed
But the moon’s faint gleam do pale
Before the sun’s majestic blaze.