The Dream of a River

# The Dream of a River

The moment when

The Earth drifts

The heavens sleep

Mankind dreams

Of something they couldn’t fathom

So they bestowed it names:

The silver river among the stars

Or snowflakes gently arranged by hand–

The path of magical winter

A lovely road untravelled

Beads of milk evanesced not by time

A haunted painting on a black canvas

The sky’s sapphire dress, graced with diamonds

Or a silk of the tale-weaver’s thread

Imagination’s embers strewn over the night

By a lonely dreamer

Man can only interpret from what they can see

From the lands of Here

A limited landscape

The truth is empirical

Elusive is the river; disappearing, slipping away, but never fading

It’ll always be there, fixed in its place

The star cloud waltzing slowly over the course of years

With our Earth in its dusty hand

The brilliant one who (nearly) crushed the world with the gravity of its empty heart

This is a place

For the Sun’s sisters

And the Earth’s estranged twins

And beautiful sights

For future discoveries

For curiosity, for knowledge

If we can’t be the stars in your river

Let us be the twinkle in your thoughts


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