The Diels-Alder Reaction, or Thoughts on EXO-M

I know
It’s just a covalent bond
Or it’s just my own valency
But how can you say
That it’s neutral?
It’s an unknown miracle
Sweet addition reaction
When four parts 1,3-diene
And two parts of an alkene
Two worlds apart
Are initiated by heat
To form a six-membered ring:
An exo substituent
Who’d ever thought of a reaction
So remarkable?
Forming a bridge
Between two components
Between two worlds
Dissolving the barrier
Of differences
To never forget
That we are one.

A.N: I realised that getting into K-Pop is like falling into a rabbit hole from where is no escape. But then it happened. XD XOXO

With all due respects,
Lay Landsteiner


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