An Approved and Accepted Lament

# An Approved and Accepted Lament
By Lay Landsteiner

(To Lala and Ryu, you might remember this tale somewhere)

A body at rest will forever remain at rest
Unless acted upon by some external force
That is why I am getting in motion
And will always remain in motion
For I mastered the strange dynamics of us:
Love is a strange force
For every force, there is always an equal reaction
Of opposite direction
I’ll be waiting for yours
Through all of these statics
Will the notion of perpetual bliss be as absurd as perpetual motion?
Can Science bring you back into my arms?
It’s relative
Anything that moves faster than the speed of light
Will also move backwards in time
To reach the destination we promised
Far beyond what we knew
We should turn back time…
But how?
Love is a strange force
No laws could explain
Now that I realised
It’s the natural law of things
To move forward
We have to leave the past behind
Where E is Eternal love
m is memory
And c is continuance


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