Wolf, an Invader Zim + Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fanfiction

Synopsis: As a paranormal investigator, Dib was very grateful when he had finally found a cryptid. However, Nny wanted to claim it for himself.

Geurae Wolf. Naega Wolf. Awoo~
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own ‘Invader Zim’, ‘Johnny the Homicidal Maniac’ and the song ‘Wolf’. Dib, Nny, Kris and Luhan?

Wolf, an EXO songfic

Cryptozoology is characterised by the joy of discovering mysterious or mythological creatures in flesh and blood. Dib had been a paranormal investigator for half of his life, but he had never really caught an enticing creature: an incomprehensible creature that was distracting him.
Bernard Heuvelmans once  wrote in 1988 that “Cryptozoological research should be actuated by two major forces: patience and passion.”
He had close encounters with the creature, yes, but none of them was significant. Though he welcomed with passion, the other party had no patience. No forces were actuated, then… except for a swollen head that caused his big head to appear even bigger. Why? Dib had seen creatures like the Sasquatch, Loch Ness monster, or a toilet ninja, but never a Siren.
Dib is often in danger of straying too close to the Siren, and never had he escaped her wrath. All the wrath of a primeval goddess contained in one soul was too much to handle. She is a creature that presages violent storms. The sky will be bright in her happiness and dark in her rage. Besides, the tide of the seas fluctuated with her heart. Like the ocean, blood is also made of water, so in her vicinity his blood will also ebb and flow, rising and falling violently. Such powers did this creature had!
Dib tugged a book hidden under his bed—The Handbook of Cryptozoology and Mysterious Creatures—and let his fingers dance between the pages as his heart was filled with glee. He looked for an entry under ‘S’.
Siren, a mythological creature in Southern Europe. Sirens have a magical voice that lures sailors to death by their singing…
“Yes! I’m right! At last!” Dib narrowed his eyes and kept reading. Since the Middle Ages, the Siren is described to have a fish’s tail. In modern times, Sirens are even compared to mermaids. To Dib, that wasn’t the case. The Siren he knew stayed true to Greek times, a winged creature. He knew it.  He’d seen the wings on her back as she slept. A mystery with a dangerous allure was she.
“A perfect match! I knew it!”
Dib stormed out of the room and left his book on the floor, knowing that the house was all too silent. After all, won’t hollowness lead to silence?

A dark sky: a pale moon, a desolate bunker. Silhouettes hung low, a fleeting shadow. Blood dripped, seeping down under… and everything else is dead.
Johnny stared at the strange creature held captive at his house. She looked human to him, but there was something about her that wasn’t quite human. Johnny didn’t know why. Maybe it was the night-time eeriness of his bunker no. 777. He found her wandering alone in the middle of the night. Seeing such a young girl wandering alone irked him. It reminded him of the irresponsibility of some parents. Adults with retarded headmeats.  What appeared as mature growth might just be an aftermath of steroid-induced mitosis. Or something like that.
Johnny stared at the strange creature with curiosity. Her hair fell gently in locks like gentle sea waves diffracting upon reaching the shore. Her skin was the colour of beach sands. Her eyes were clear, unpolluted. He could find nothing wrong with her. In fact, her presence struck a little fear into him. Though, she was so innocent, so alarmingly pure—he could feel it. He could feel it at once.
“What are you staring at, Nny?” Mr Eff glared at Johnny with crazy red eyes. He was just a Styrofoam doll, trying to poison Johnny’s deranged mind. “She isn’t here for you to stare at while you could whack her with a strike of a scythe! Shatter her finer than glass! Grate her like cheese!”
Johnny just stood there without moving a muscle. His eyes wandered around in confusion. What was wrong with him? He felt a little lethargic and he didn’t feel like grabbing the knife now. “No, Eff. I don’t feel like doing it right now.” Johnny winced. “Have I fallen ill? I bet it was the cherry Brain-Freezy…”
“No, Nny! Listen here! What’s wrong with you? How’d you get your heart stolen by a defective scumbag?” Mr Eff’s smirk was getting wider. “She’s just like all the other jerks out there. Ugly on the inside, Nny! A one-scream-wonder!”
“I don’t think so.” Johnny gritted his teeth. “I don’t think so!”
“Finish her in a style you’d never tried. You won’t get caught. Wouldn’t it be nice—“
Johnny stared at the strange creature before him. “No, she’s different.” There was a strange aura surrounding her: danger, fragility and simplicity. Johnny was in trouble. He was lured to the rocks. He was lured to an irresistible, powerful feeling. Johnny C, a serial killer began to become fond of his latest victim. “I don’t know why I feel different when I saw her. The look on her face fills me with both fear and happiness. It’s strange, I know, but I couldn’t hurt her. A lone treasure in a sea of balderdash, Mr Eff, can’t you see?” Johnny was shaking now. His drawn face was drained of colour. He started to yell at Mr Eff. “It’s innocence, darn it! I like simplicity!”
“If you’re enamoured by such beauty, let it be.” This time it was Psycho Doughboy who spoke. “Let her raptured beauty be the last thing you see. Let the beautiful happiness wash away your suffering in crimson bliss.”
“Nny, look at me.” Nailbunny implored silently. “Listen. Just do whatever you feel best. I trust you.”
Suddenly the Siren’s eyes widened. Johnny darted his eyes back to her. She looked around and scrutinised the blood on the wall, strange dolls being skewered, the Brain-Freezy splattered floor and knives hanging suspiciously behind her. “So you wanted to kill me?” she folded her arms and spoke with a salty tone.
“Go, then!” Mr Eff cheered.
“But that’s not it! I—I” Johnny stuttered. He bit his lip.
“Fall in love with you? Sheesh!” Psycho Doughboy snickered.
“No!” Johnny raised his voice to erase the delusional arguments from his head. “The night is just too dark. Tomorrow morning would be much safer. I’m Johnny. But since you’re the only one here, you can call me ‘Nny’.”

Dib raced to find his missing Siren with a tracking device in his hands and a dark thought in his mind. He wouldn’t give up just yet. She was the only hope left for him to vindicate himself to the world. If she’s gone, no one could help him—
When he stopped by an abandoned bunker, the tracking device beeped crazily. Immediately, he slammed the bunker door open. ”Where is she?”
By impulse, Johnny grabbed a pair of knives from his knee-length boots and locked himself into a defensive position. “Don’t touch her! She’s fine with me!”
“Stockholm Syndrome?” Moonlight gave Dib’s eyes a feral yellow gleam. “But she have to stay where she belongs!”
Johnny glanced at the Siren. He was in trouble because of her? That’s insane! Still, Johnny shielded an arm in front of her while pacing closer towards Dib. “Hold still and keep quiet.”
However, the Siren was not amused. Ocean eyes swirled across the living room. Ethereal lights danced before their eyes. The Siren hovered several inches from the ground and bellowed in a sonorous voice. “If you guy’s won’t stop fighting, I’ll drown you both in your darkest fears!”
The bunker was silent once more. The Siren was calmer now. She landed on her two petite feet, took Dib’s hand and walked out of the bunker. Dib dragged his palm down his face, regretting that his camera was left on his study table. Johnny slipped his knives back into his boots and smiled. “Everyone’s mad here.”
“See, I told you!” Mr Eff mocked Johnny’s failure. “You can’t have her. You’re just a rough beast!”
“It wasn’t fair, nevertheless.” Johnny gazed up to the yellow moon. “I’m a wolf and she’s a beauty.”

A/N: It’s ‘Wolf’ we’re talking about, so I added some cryptozoological touch on this one. Is it working?


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