Growl, An Invader Zim Fanfiction

Say, this is my first attempt—will you forgive me?

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Invader  Zim and this song ‘Growl’. Growl belongs to EXO. Dib and Kris? Uh, nevermind.

Growl, an EXO songfic

I’ve been alone for so long, left in the cold, dark corner while the other Skool kids are busy doing their own stuff. Chit-chatting about trivial matters I’ve come to disdain. If they know as much as I do, they wouldn’t even have a reason to smile, let alone cackle out loud. I smirked. Is ignorance bliss? Not for me, of course. If I were ignorant, Earth would have no hope left for Her. There’s no pain in knowing too much—it’s just the passion of enlightenment. Or so they claim.

Whatever—I’m going home. I have a lot of things to do after this.  I’d left the blueprints of my latest conquest-stopping plan underneath my bed, and kept an extra copy in the garage. I’ll work on it this Thursday. Zim would surely love a touch of impure water blasted at full speed to his mean green face.

“Don’t make me add an extra orifice to your face, Dib.” Gaz narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. She’d been waiting for me by the sidewalk to walk her home (because Dad says so). “Shut up and get out, fast!”

Great. Perhaps my musings aren’t just a stream of consciousness, but a self-glorifying soliloquy. This is what I call ‘public speaking’. “Okay, Gaz! I’m coming right up—“

Gaz was standing under a tree. Autumn leaves were cascading down around her, with one or two of them settled delicately among her hair. For a moment or two, I caught an unexpected, sincere look on Gaz’s face. She was smiling as she saw me. She hadn’t smiled like that for 7 years!

What? I rubbed my eyes. Darn it. I should buy myself a new pair of spectacles.

She was walking towards me with her GameSlave 2 in her hands. The cool wind brushed her left eye, causing her to wink at me—while I was still questioning what I’d just saw. I found myself coughing. My sight darkened. Maybe after days of Internet research, my eyes had become more sensitive. Now, they were throbbing beneath my eyelids.

Something was throbbing under my skin.

Suddenly, someone grabbed Gaz by the arm. He clenched his claws tighter and laughed maniacally: Zim. From a distance, I could see him whispering something to Gaz’s ear. She blanched instantly. Swiftly, he swiped a beaming rod-shaped device across the back of her neck. What is he trying to do to my sister? A good brother would never, ever let his sister become an alien’s lab rat.

“Let go of my sister, you alien scum!” I gripped Zim by his uniform collar. By any minute, my hands would rise upwards to smother his almost non-existent neck. “If you don’t back away, then I don’t care if you’re doomed!”

“Heh! You think a stinky human like you could defeat ME?” Zim threatened in a stifled crescendo. With me smothering him, he sounded like an old creaking door. “Gaz will—koffkoffkoff—be implanted with a—koffkoffkoff—HEY! Let me go!”

“Stop provoking me, then!” I glared at Zim and gritted my teeth. “Or there’s going to be trouble!”

“I’m not provoking—I’m choking!”

“Why should I care?”

“GIR had to be repaired since last week thanks to your NIXELECTRA machine! You don’t know how much that costs! YOU DON’T KNOW!” Zim gave me a pained smirk. “Now, your filthy minion will pay the price!”

“Gaz is not my minion!” A strange storm brewed up inside me. The tension was cutting through my veins. Something was constricting, I know. Still, I wasn’t sure what it was. What Zim had said was only a catalyst, but it was the uneasy look in Gaz’s face that caused this strange reaction. I couldn’t look away.

Whatever that Zim had implanted on Gaz, it began to feed on her energy. With unfocusing eyes staring at me, she dropped to the ground. The burn mark on Gaz’s neck twitched. She lay there, unmoving.

The reaction was complete. A dark shadow had woken up inside of me.

Blast off, Zim. It’s going to get fierce.

I gave Zim a box to the side of his face. He yelped out in pain. He grabbed for his weapon from his waist but with a swift kick, the rod-shaped device flew straight to a boy’s forehead. A civilian casualty we had here: a casualty of my ringing alarm.

With all my strength, I pinned Zim down face-first to the ground. I forced my weight upon him and pushed his face against the sweet Earth dirt. He let out a muffled scream again.

“Get out of here!” I yanked his head up by his bouffant wig.

“What are you trying to do—“

Before he could let out a sigh of relief, I dunked his head back.

“Stay away from my Gaz!”

“Your what?”

I gave him another punch to the face.

“Okay, okay—koffkoffkoff—fine!” Zim said with a broken voice. Had he almost teared up? “She’ll be fine after the device has been destroyed!”

I stood up and brushed my trench coat off the dirt. Zim wheezed violently and got on his feet, too. He left school with a stagger and bared teeth. Green skin scraped down the left side of his face. I know he’s up for revenge someday. I laughed, nevertheless. I felt like a victor. I won! In this warped world, only the strongest survive—and I’d proven my worth. I’m a responsible brother.

Under the autumn shade, Gaz began to open her eyes. Thank Providence; she’s alright, though quite weak. I wrapped Gaz’s arms around my neck in a piggyback style and began to walk away. I would like to ignore the crowd.

But I couldn’t.

All the Skoolchildren were bewildered. “Stop looking! You’re wearing her out!” I growled at them.  “Don’t move closer! Step away from her!” My rage was seething under my lips. What am I, her faithful guardian?

No, I don’t even know myself now.

“Enough, Dib. I can walk.” Gaz’s arms slid away from my back. She was strong enough to stand on her own.  “Let’s go.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She took on a sardonic tone. “So you had enough butt-kicking already?”

“If they want to hurt you, they have to win against me, first.” I posed proudly like Dad always did.

“Seriously, Dib? Do you have to?”

“I’ll hide you from any harm. I’ll be violent just for you—an older brother’s obligation.” I gave her a mock salute and grinned.

“Shut up.” With nonchalance, she tugged my hand. “Get a life!”

I searched for her surroundings. The world was silent, except for two bickering schoolchildren. Everything else was erased.

Only autumn leaves rained down on us as we walked back home.

A/N: I’m both an Invader Zim fan an an EXOtic so this puny little fic is something memorable to write. Yes, Dib sure is stern, but radiated his own interpretation of aegyo. What do you think?

Painstakingly yours,

Lay Landsteiner


5 thoughts on “Growl, An Invader Zim Fanfiction

  1. This is an awesome fic! You portrayed ZIM’s personality perfectly! Dib’s a little bit OOC, Gaz’s perfect! I wish GIR’s here but mehh~ Though I was hoping there’s a steamy moment between…………. Nah, ehhh, never mind me~ >.>

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